How to take control of your backlog

Plan49 provides a structured approach to managing your backlog. Backlog items in issues trackers explode in size as your product matures and soon product owners resort to ad-hoc excel lists to base a roadmap and planning on.

Plan49 ties your backlog items to the critical areas of attention for your business and let’s you collect evidence to support spending time on an item.

Plan49 reminds you of blind spots and helps you make sure you are spending your limited development time and resources as effective as possible.

Plan 49 is based around the following principles:

  • you do not need another issue tracker
  • it’s near impossible to manually sort a 100+ item backlog based on priorities
  • it’s a waste of time to keep having the same ideas only to find out you had the same idea last year and the year before
  • you can only focus properly if you are confident you are working on the right things

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