Product Management

Why you should never treat a support question as a one-off

Users dread having to jump through the support hoops we usually put up: phone menu’s, 15 minutes of music while they hold, copy/pasted solutions that do not remotely match what they are looking for. So a users that contacts you must be truly invested in your product already.

For every user that takes the effort to contact your, there are probably multiple that just shrugged it of and either continue being annoyed or even worse, just never return again.

So instead of regarding support questions as a chore and a cost that has to be dealt with, it’s an opportunity to learn. No matter how stupid the question seems, there is almost always some small change you can make to eliminate the question.

Support questions can help provide you with the feedback and evidence you need to decide what to work on. Not just on how to improve, but also what is valued by your users. The users are surely invested in that feature if they take the time to ask you questions about it. In my experience, the users with the most questions and problems are likely to become your most loyal customers.

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